Why Us?

sIntrain Assessors has operated in Albury/Wodonga and outlying regions for since 1999. Kevin Livingstone is the owner of the business and a family man. Kevin’s experience includes 26 years in the Construction Industry; from the Construction Industry and comprises Road Construction. During this time, Kevin uses the skills and knowledge he gained to teach people how to drive a cars and trucks, working at heights, forklift courses, other high risk courses and our civil construction course which includes our earth moving machines.

Kevin has a broad range of skills which he used at Intrain to both teach other trainers and coach students, freely giving his knowledge to those who seek it. Kevin has successfully run Intrain Assessors for 16 years. Kevin ensures that he and his staff provide the best quality training and assessment in all codes of transport. With his vast experience in the Civil Construction Industry, Kevin passes on his skill set through his training to both students and trainers.

We set the bar high for training and we make sure we deliver it. High quality educational training that is designed to instil the importance of learning everything we can teach you about the machines is a must for Intrain Assessors. As specialists in High Risk,Transport and Warehousing, Civil Construction industries, we focus on ensuring our students receive the best training possible. Our company is focused on ensuring our students are trained to an industry standard and not just to the competent standard.

What was once a small operation is now expanding rapidly, offering more training and courses tailored to suit you, the customer. Our company is made up of a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable team who provide flexible quality training and customer satisfaction.

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