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Medium Rigid (MR) Intrain Assessors
TLILIC2015-Licence to drive a medium rigid vehicle (Release 2)

Unit of Competency:

Cost: $1,200.00
Weekends extra $400.00

Course Information:
The Medium Rigid course is conducted under Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) guidelines on a one on one basis. The Training and Assessment given in this situation will allow you to develop your knowledge and skills of driving a Medium Rigid Vehicle and eventually gain a Medium Rigid Licence. The training is customised to suit the requirements and needs of the client.

Student/Instructor Ratio 1:1

Course Location:  322 Wagga Rd Lavington, NSW 2641

Requirements To Obtain A Medium Rigid Licence

You can apply for a MEDIUM RIGID (MR) licence when you have held a car driver licence for 12 months.When you are learning to drive a truck or bus, you must always display DRIVER UNDER INSTRUCTION plates at the front and back of the vehicle.
To get a heavy vehicle licence for the first time, you must produce your driver licence as evidence of identity and a secondary evidence document (e.g. a current Medicare Card, credit or account card issued by a bank, building society or credit union).

  • Go to VicRoads and purchase the Bus & Truck Drivers’ Handbook and study it, as this is what your knowledge assessment will be based on. Your knowledge test will be conducted at INTRAIN ASSESSOR.
  • Contact us and book in for your driver training and assessment, a deposit is required at the time of booking.             
  • An eyesight check where you will be required to read a standard eye chart
  • Successfully completed your knowledge test. 
  • An on-road driving assessment
  • An off-road skills assessment (reversing)
  • You must pass a driving test in a vehicle of the category of licence you require.
  • Once you have successfully completed you will be given a copy of your results.The assessment officer will also give you verbal feedback on your driving performance. When you pass your test with an Intrain Assessor, you will be issued with a Vic Roads Certificate of Competence.
  • You will need to take the certificate to your nearest  Customer Service Centre to get your licence.  (See accredited training & Non Accredited training below)
  • Course Prices/times do NOT Guarantee a Licence.

Special Conditions:

  • Applicants who are on Medication or with a Medical Condition may require a medical Clearance from VicRoads prior to commencement.
  • Applicants with an Overseas Licence must have written approval from VicRoads stating licence category eligible.
  • Clearance from VicRoads may be required before any Training or Assessment may commence.

* VicRoads criteria will not allow training on international licences (except NZ). 

NSW LICENCE HOLDERS (What you need to do)

  • The RTA Roads & Traffic Authority is now known as RMS – Roads & Maritime Services
  • You can practice the Heavy vehicle knowledge test on the RMS website as many times as you like (see following link)
  • When you are confident with your practice results go to the RMS (no need to book in) and undertake the knowledge test. You need to complete the test at least 4 days prior to booking in the training.
  • Once you have successfully completed the Knowledge test(Service NSW will issue you a guide to heavy vehicle competency based assessment guide book (read this book prior to the course) and a heavy vehicle competency based assessment LEARNER LOG BOOK
  • You will need to provide RMS with: ➢Your current Drivers Licence & Payment for the knowledge test. ➢Once you have passed your knowledge test, you will be required to undertake a vision test (If you wear glasses ensure you take them along). ➢On successful completion you will be required to purchase the “HVCBA Learner Logbook” & “A Guide to HVCBA”.
  • Contact our office and book in for your Driver Training & Assessment, a deposit is required at the time of booking. 


  • The guide to heavy vehicle competency based assessment guide book (Issued by Service NSW) and a heavy vehicle competency based assessment learner logbook (issued by Service NSW)
  • The Guide outlines the requirements to pass the assessments as well as the tasks you need to perform to complete each criteria.
  • A Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Learner’s Log Book.
  • The logbook is the official record of your progress.
  • Either pass an RMS driving test or undertake HVCBA. (See Accredited training & Non Accredited training below)
  • Course Prices/times do NOT Guarantee a Licence.



A Heavy Vehicle Licence upgrade in conjunction with a Nationally Recognised Qualification obtained from this course will be achieved by:

  • A non-refundable Enrolment Fee
  • Obtaining a Unique Student Identifier Number (USI)
  • To upgrade your licence complete the following
  • Additional Summative Theory Assessment
  • The issuing of a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment
  • Your Qualification recorded against your USI with Unique Student Identifier Registry



A Heavy Vehicle Licence upgrade without a Nationally Recognised Qualification obtained from this course will be achieved by the RTO:

  • Completing the required VICROADS/RMS paperwork and course content (see below) to upgrade your Licence


  • If at a later date you require the Qualification offered in Option 1 it will be at an additional cost based on the current costing at the time of application and additional course time.


1 Day(depending on experience)


  • Timeline quoted above is a guide only.
  • Hourly training is also available upon request

Synchromesh Transmission Vehicles

When upgrading from a car class to a Medium Rigid vehicle licence, the new licence is endorsed with a ‘B’ condition if the driving test is passed in a vehicle fitted with a synchromesh gear box. 


Medium Rigid (MR) Intrain Assessors

Course Content:

  • Theory & Practical


  • Road Law General
  • Driving Tips
  • VicRoads Theory Test


  • Pre-operational checks
  • 90-degree turns
  • Reversing
  • Observation
  • Braking distance
  • Following distance
  • Turns
  • Highway driving
  • Intersections/Roundabouts
  • Lane Management
  • Gear Selection
  • System of vehicle control
  • Maintaining safe speed/safe gap
  • Correct use of accessories
  • Cabin Inspection
  • Load Restraint


  • Theory Test 
  • Drive Assessment
  • Skills Assessment (Reverse Test, Cabin Inspection, Vehicle Inspection & Load Restraint)

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