(LG) – Grader

RIIMPO324E – Conduct civil construction grader operations

The course is designed to train participants up to the OH&S Competency Standards required for operators of earthmoving equipment. This interesting piece of equipment is usually chosen by those with a desire to work within strict guidelines with regard to the final finishing of earthmoving projects. Patience, a keen eye and an understanding of the way various materials move and spread is paramount for those undertaking grader driving. Final trim operators display a skill harnessed over long periods at the controls. Grader operators are sought by Councils, civil road construction companies as well as land development organizations.


Students must be a minimum of 16 years of age and must display a mature approach with regard to not only their safety but that of their fellow students. Students must attend in appropriate work attire i.e. no joggers, thongs etc and provide proof of identification.


Nationally Recognized Certificate of Competency in the Workplace - Conducted in accordance with National Guidelines For Occupational Health & Safety Competency Standards For The Operation Of Load shifting Equipment And Other Types of Specified Equipment.

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  • A 50% booking fee is required upon booking. Balance to be paid before commencement of course.
  • RMS Licence upgrade fees are not included.

Cancelation Policy

All booking fees are non refundable if cancellation has not been received 48 hours before commencement of course date depending on circumstances.