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All Rounder KEF Dingo

The All-Rounder is the latest evolution of the 950 and K9-3 models that revolutionised the mini digger industry. Improved hydraulic and engine technologies, combined with Dingo’s innovation have led to increased hydraulic flow, greater ground speed and more digging power than ever before. The All-Rounder is the preferred mini digger of the hire industry and trusted by thousands of owners around Australia.

There is not much the All-Rounder cannot do. We proudly present “The best all-round mini digger in the world”.

The All-Rounder is available in both Petrol and Diesel models and is most commonly sold on our own Dingo tyre, but is also available on other tyre combinations and on our unique PolyTrax. It can also be ordered on our special dedicated trax system.

Safety Features

  • Solid operating platform.
  • Machine stability.
  • Safety hydraulic relief valve.
  • Rupture-resistant plastic fuel tank.
  • Low engine noise.
  • Deadman controls (machine stops when you let go of the controls).

Requirements to Hire

The requirements to hire out the equipment are as follows:

  • 100 Points of Identification (that will be photocopied and kept) e.g Drivers Licence, Medicare Card, Birth Certificate.
  • Once confirmed to hire the full payment needs to be paid before pick up.

Attachments that are Available

Please Note: Rubbish tip fees are not included in the price.
If attachments are needed the Post Hole Digger, Trencher & Leveller Blade is additional $30.00 flat rate, the 4 in 1 is included.

4 in 1 Bucket

  • As a bucket – It can be operated as a normal loader bucket, and can load into taller trucks with ease, by emptying from the opening at the bottom.
  • As a grab – The 4 in 1 bucket is great for lifting and carrying a variety of objects.
  • As a blade – The 4 in 1 bucket pushes a load easily for backfilling trenches etc.
  • As a leveller – With the jaws open and with the open edges near to the ground the 4 in 1 bucket can be dragged forward and backward for levelling.
  • Used for: Bucket work, moving heavy objects, levelling dirt and backfilling trenches.

Post Hole Digger

  • Used For: Digging post holes in soil, clay, sand, rock/shale.
  • Used By: Contractors, Landscapers, and Hire Companies.
  • Used With: Cement Mixer, Post Hole Mate, Auger Mate, and Auger Extensions


  • Used For: Digging trenches in soil, clay, sand, rock and shale.
  • Used By: Contractors, Plumbers, Landscapers, Electricians and Hire Companies.
  • Used With: Crumber Bar, Adapter Kits, Blade, Turf Cutter and Under Road Borer.

Leveller Blade

  • Used For: Material handling and levelling.
  • Used By: Contractors, Hire Companies, Landscapers and National Parks.



  • Make: Kohler (Petrol EFI) or Yanmar (Diesel)
  • Power: 23hp/17kw or 20hp/15kw


  • Hydraulic Pumps: 2 Pumps
  • Pump Sizes: 11 & 3cc
  • Relief Pressure (Aux): 3200psi (206bar)
  • Hydraulic Output: 47 L/m
  • Max Travel Speed: 7km/h
  • Rated Lift Capacity: 275kg WLL & 550kg MLL
  • Wheel Motors: 4
  • Aux Hydraulic Outlets: 1


  • Overall Width: 850-1050mm
  • Overall Length: 1565mm
  • Overall Height: 1200mm
  • Max operating height 4in1: 2080mm
  • Turning Radius with 4in1 Bucket: 1300mm
  • The angle of Departure: 20o
  • Wheel Base: 732mm
  • Ground Clearance: 135-170mm
  • Dump Height Std Bucket: 1240mm
  • Dump Height 4in1 Bucket: 1750mm
  • Reach Fully Raised 4in1 Bucket: 600mm
  • Height to Hinge Pin: 1680mm
  • Machine width 4in1 bucket: 1050mm
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 60L
  • Machine Mass: 722kg approx. | 860kg approx.


4 Wheel Motors

Dingo Australia pioneered the technology that leads to the production of the first ever mini digger with 4 motors and no mechanical chain drive system. The All-Rounder also features full hydraulic drive to each wheel, easy access to the wheel motors, and no maintenance or adjustment to drive chains.

Easily Adapted to Tracks

Like all models of Dingo, our unique “over the tyre PolyTrax” can be fitted when real floatation is needed.

Increased Hydraulic Flow & Pressure

With the new generation of Yanmar enhanced technology tier 3 diesel engines, the All-Rounder is now able to deliver more hydraulic flow than ever before. This means greater ground speed and more efficient attachment operation.

Safety Hydraulic Relief Valves

Compensates for the greater pressure, and prevents unsafe overloading of the system.

2 Pump Hydraulic System

A standard feature on all Dingos is the unique “Tandem Pump” hydraulic system which improves oil efficiency, directs the flow and power to where they are needed most, and prolongs duty cycle, enabling the Dingo to work for extended periods. The All-Rounder also has Dingos unique flow enhancer which can increase the oil flow to the attachment when needed most.

Rupture Resistant Plastic Fuel Tank

Rota moulded 25L plastic fuel tanks are robust as well as spark and rust resistant. First introduced into the automotive industries in the 1970's, these tough plastic tanks have now become an accepted earthmoving equipment industry standard.

Unique Dingo Bushes

All Dingos use Teflon type bushes together with chrome pins to give a low maintenance and durable joint system. Greasable joints tend to attract dust creating a grinding paste, are messy and need to be greased daily. The Dingo bush & pin system is dry, clean and can last hundreds of hours before replacement. This system means you don’t need to rely on your operators to grease the pins each day - because they won’t.

Serviceable Hydraulic Tank

Access to the hydraulic tank on all Dingo models, allows the hydraulic system to be thoroughly cleaned in the manufacturing process, and ease of accessibility to the internal systems.

2 Lift Rams

Ensuring stable lifting, with no excess pressure on the chassis or arms.

Proper Handle Bars

All Dingos have handlebars and light tough fingertip controls. If you are going to stand on a machine and do some serious work you will need something to hang on to. Some foreign copies have joystick controls that give you little to hang on to, making them difficult to operate smoothly and causing additional operator fatigue.

Please Note

  • Any damage to the trailer, dingo or attachments are responsible for the repairs.
  • Must be cleaned and washed before drop off.
  • Credit Card and Current Drivers License will be kept on file.


  • With Trailer (Inclusive GST): ½ Day $185/Full Day $220
  • Weekend Rates (Inclusive GST): 2 Days $385
  • Wet Hire with Dingo & Trailer (Inclusive GST): $120 per hour

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