Fees, Charges & Refunds

Fees, Charges & Refunds


Intrain Assessor must provide for appropriate handling of clients’ payments and to facilitate refunds in the case of cancellation by either party. The refunds process will allow clients the option to disengage from training in a manner in which negative impact may be negated or reduced, depending upon notification time frame.


This policy covers all fees payable for training services provided within Further Education Training & Assessments  scope of registration.




FETA, a third party or an agent operating on its behalf will not collect more than $1500 in prepaid fees from a prospective or current learner for services provided under FETAs Scope of Registration.

Prepaid fees (sometimes referred to as fees collected in advance) means fees that are collected before the relevant services have been provided. These include payments made at any time before, during or after the applicant completes the application/enrolment process. Any payment received before a service is delivered is unearned revenue and is a liability that must be paid back, either through service delivery or as a refund as per FETAs current refund policy.




The following reflects the refund process:

  1. A position holding deposit of 50% of the course fee is required to be made to confirm a position in the course.
  2. When an applicant accepts a place offered by FETA and pays the holding deposit, it means a binding contract is created between the applicant/client and FETA
  3. In the event of cancellation or withdrawal from this contract a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is mandatory, 25% of the deposit will be retained by FETA for administration fees, the remainder of the deposit will be returned to the original payee
  4. If clients wish to cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice prior to a course commencement a $200 fee is payable.
  5. Final payment is to be received in full 48 hours prior to the pre-arranged commencement of the course.
  6. Course non-attendance for
  7. Heavy Vehicle Truck Licencing deposit will NOT be reimbursed
  8. High Risk Work Licencing the full fee is payable
  • Where circumstances warrant, an agreement may be made with the CEO of FETA for a reduced fee to be paid.
  1. If clients wish to transfer to another course date,
  2. Greater than 7 days’ notice is to be given prior to course commencement time no transfer fee will be applied.
  3. Less than 7 days’ notice is given prior to course commencement time a $200 fee is payable.
  • Where circumstances warrant, an agreement may be made with the CEO of FETA for a reduced fee to be paid.
  1. FETA will NOT refund any monies to the applicant if the applicant has received all the required training & assessment and has been deemed not competent and/or the applicant is not eligible for the particular licence class upgrade.
  2. Licensing fees for Heavy Vehicle & High-Risk Work Licence courses will be required to be paid for by the participant when they lodge their application with Australia Post, RMS or VicRoads. Participants will be advised of these requirements
  3. If a student is deemed not yet competent in high risk licensing courses at the point of the course completion, the student is to be reassessed within 60 days of the initial assessment for Victoria and within 90 days and not less 72 hours for NSW. The student will be charged for the reassessment.
  4. If the student did not lodge their application with Australia Post for their high-risk licence within the advised time period the student will require to be reassessed which will incur a fee, administration staff will advise students of the current fee.
  5. If a student fails a heavy vehicle Final Competency assessment driving test, they will be required to undergo an additional reassessment which will incur an assessment fee of $300.00
  6. If a client commences a course, but does not complete the course, the full course fee is still payable.




  1. Where a Certificate or Statement of Attainment reprint is requested, please email request to     “Compliance Officer” enquiries@intrain.com.au
  2. A service fee will be charged, for the current charges please contact administration staff.


    1. If the RTO, or third-party delivering training and assessment on its behalf, closes or ceases to deliver any part of the training product that the learner is enrolled in, the RTO will give a refund


  1. The refund process reflects the commitment by FETA to hold places as booked by clients and the amount of administrative resources consumed at the various stages.
  2. Refunds must be requested in writing to the CEO.
  3. The CEO of FETA will process refund requests within 7 days from the day of receipt
  4. To allow prompt settlement of refund requests, all advanced payments will be held in a nominated bank account by FETA until the course start date.
  5. The term “commencement” in this policy refers to the first day of the first program attended by the client.
  6. Details concerning the scope of FETA Refund Policy are to be clearly disseminated to prospective clients prior to contractual arrangements being made, this dissemination is in the form of the Student Handbook (hard or electronic copy).
  7. Students will have 6 months from the date of enrolment to complete the training, unless an agreement is made with the CEO of FETA for an extension or exception.
  8. If FETA is unable to deliver service for reasons such as, but not limited to: vehicle breakdowns and staff sick leave, the student is entitled to transfer to another course date, or receive a full refund.
  9. FETA will not be held liable for any expenses incurred by the client; in the unlikely event FETA cannot deliver service.
  10. If any damage is caused to property or vehicles by the client, they will pay the replacement costs.



Administration of this policy will be overseen by the CEO.


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