Complaints & Appeals

Complaints & Appeals

Further Education Training & Assessment (FETA)
Complaints and appeals are managed fairly, efficiently and effectively. The RTO creates an environment where clients’ views are valued. Any person wishing to make a complaint against FETA, concerning its conduct as an RTO, or an appeal regarding an RTO decision, shall have access to the complaints and appeals procedure.
All formal complaints and appeals will be heard and decided on within 15 working days of receiving the written complaint or appeal. The designated person will keep a Complaints and Appeals Register which documents all formal complaints and their resolution. Any substantiated complaints will be reviewed as part of the continuous improvement procedure.

Complaints arise when a client is dissatisfied with an aspect of FETA’S services, and requires action to be taken to resolve the matter.

Appeals arise when a client is not satisfied with a decision that FETA has made. Appeals can relate to assessment decisions, but they can also relate to other decisions.

Persons with either a complaint or an appeal have access to the following procedures:

•The initial stage of any complaint (or feedback) shall be for the client to communicate directly with FETA’s CEO or Training Manager.
•Client(s) dissatisfied with the response to the informal feedback or complaint may initiate a formal complaint.

•The informal complaint procedure should be used first.
•Formal complaint / appeal forms are available from administration, all completed forms are to be lodged with administration, recorded in the complaints and appeals register, allocated the next registration number and entered noted on the top of the form then forwarded to the Training Manager and CEO. All information will be kept strictly confidential.
•An acknowledgement letter is to be forwarded to the applicant upon receipt of the complaint. The CEO / Training Manager will at this point organise a meeting to discuss their concerns. The student may be accompanied be one other person as support or as representation.
•Both parties; the student and the relevant staff member shall be given an opportunity to present their case to the CEO or Training manager. Students will receive an outcome statement within 5 working days of making its decision.
•In consultation if an amicable result cannot be achieved the student may access 3rd party intervention.
•Students may access the ASQA web site fill in a “Complain about a registered training organisation” form and lodge the complaint to ASQA which can be submitted via email to

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