Complaints & Appeals

Complaints & Appeals


FETA must have a systematic approach to complaints handling.

Complaints and appeals are managed fairly, efficiently and effectively. The RTO creates an environment where clients’ views are valued. Any person wishing to make a complaint against FETA, concerning its conduct as an RTO, or an appeal regarding an RTO decision, shall have access to the complaints and appeals procedure.

All formal complaints and appeals will be heard and decided on within 15 working days of receiving the written complaint or appeal. The designated person will keep a Complaints and Appeals Register which documents all formal complaints and their resolution. Any substantiated complaints will be reviewed as part of the continuous improvement procedure.



This policy is based on providing and maintaining training services that are fair and reasonable and afford a forum where issues or inadequacies can be resolved.  Further Education Training & Assessment process provides adequate opportunity for complaints to be forwarded to Further Education Training & Assessment management in a timely, confidential and sensitive manner.



  1. All complaints should be committed to in writing at the earliest possible opportunity utilising the Complaints form which is available from the office;
  2. A submitted form will constitute a formal complaint from the stakeholder.
  3. The CEO of Further Education Training & Assessment will be informed through receipt of all stakeholder complaints;
  4. The CEO of Further Education Training & Assessment may delegate responsibility for the resolution of the complaint as required;
  5. In the case of a complaint, the CEO of Further Education Training & Assessment will initiate a transparent, participative process to deal with the issues at hand;
  6. Complaints (where possible) are to be resolved within 15 working days of the initial complaint, with improvements made and/or corrective action taken;
  7. The stakeholder will be advised in writing of the outcome of their complaint;
  8. If the outcome is not to the satisfactory of the stakeholder, he/she may seek an appointment with the CEO of Further Education Training & Assessment;
  9. The CEO of Further Education Training & Assessment Further Education Training & Assessment decision will be final. The stakeholder has the option to seek outside assistance to pursue the complaint;
  10. All complaints will be handled as Staff-In-Confidence;
  11. All complaints will be discussed at Management Meetings for continuous improvement of the processes;
  12. All complaints are to be held on file located in Further Education Training & Assessment administration;
  13. Details concerning the scope of Further Education Training & Assessment Complaints Policy are to be clearly displayed throughout the Further Education Training & Assessment organisation and contained within Candidate Handbook.



At Further Education Training & Assessment, the CEO is responsible for complaints resolution.

The objective is to ensure that Further Education Training & Assessment. The process provides clients/stakeholders a clear process to follow in order to register a complaint. It ensures all parties involved are kept informed of the resulting actions and outcomes.



The CEO is responsible for ensuring this policy be implemented.

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