Access & Equity Policy

Access & Equity Policy

Further Education Training & Assessment (FETA)
Access and equity policies are incorporated into all operational procedures, FETA will comply with its legal and moral duty to the rights and beliefs of course participants and prohibits discrimination towards any group or individual in any form and aims to ensure that vocational education and training are responsive to the individual needs of clients whose Age, Gender, Disability, Cultural or Ethnic Background & Socio-Economic Factor, Sexuality, Language Skills, Literacy or Numeracy Level, Unemployment, Imprisonment or Remote Location may present a barrier to access, participation and the achievement of suitable outcomes.

Our training programs are designed and wherever possible facilities are arranged to enhance flexibility of delivery in order to maximise the opportunity for access and participation by all students.

We do this by:

• Promoting access to employment and training for all people regardless of gender, socioeconomic background, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age or race.
• Ensuring training services are delivered in a non-discriminatory, open and respectful manner.
• Ensuring all staff members are appropriately skilled in access and equity issues.
• Providing reasonable access to learners of all levels.
• Providing language, literacy and numeracy advice and assistance that help meet personal training goals.
Note: In some Regulated Licensing instances restrictions may be in place. i.e.; High Risk Licensing may have a minimum age limit, Heavy Vehicle Truck licensing; students may be required by the Licensing body to undergo a full medical dependent upon the class of licence. Please contact our administration staff for further information on restrictions.

FETA aims to ensure that every participant gains the maximum benefit from participating in a particular course or program. Management practices are to ensure the welfare and safety of learners in all training and assessment situations. All trainers are highly qualified and experienced personnel who will give course participants support, advice and counselling whenever needed.
Our enrolment form requests information regarding the student’s level of education, their country of birth and main language spoken, any disabilities and their current employment status. Students are encouraged to advise their trainer of any concerns or assistance that they may require.

A short Learning, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) test will be provided to the student prior to the commencement of training. On completion, the staff member will determine if the student will require assistance to what level and how this will be supplied. If the Student is unable to complete the LLN test and the staff member believes the AQF level is beyond the student’s capabilities the student will be advised of the options available.

Support and program information is available from Adult Education Centre’s that offer LL&N support.

•  The Reading Writing Hotline – 1300 655 506
•  Centrelink – 132 850
• Private consultants and training providers, FETA can assist in locating the appropriate body where possible.

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